Infrared warmth improves the quality

Infrared emitters are co-ordinated accurately with the production step, them warm up large surfaces exactly the same as narrow edges. Flexible designs make an adjustment possible also to complex formed workpieces. (openPR) - if burrs with plastic shaped parts not to avoid are, must they at least simply and reproducibly be removed. Heraeus Noblelight, an enterprise of the world-wide active precious metal and technology company Heraeus, offers infrared emitters, which can be adapted to outlines. The emitters transfer warmth contact-free and melt away the burrs, without damaging thereby the product. Thus the rejection rate can be significantly reduced with production by shaped parts.

Grasps, Gehäuseteile, covers, syphons or covers from plastic are manufactured frequently in the spraying casting process or by presses. Developing sharp edged burrs, for example at the tool interface level is not to always prevent. Particularly with formed parts can the distance of the burrs before the subsequent treatment complicates a genuine challenge be.

Infrared radiation warms up plastic parts contact-free and within seconds purposefully at the surface. Thus the burrs are simply melted away. Beyond that infrared emitters made of quartz glass the process can be reproduced and melted by edges or burrs so accurately only the burr off, without damaging thereby the actual workpiece. Thus they are superior to many conventional methods, because manual removing, approximately with special measurers or by the employment from Gasflammen produces no homogeneous results and costs time.

Infrared modules are compactly built and can be integrated simply into the manufacturing, also in plants already existing. So by infrared warmth Inline deburring will know possible and the plastic shaped parts immediately to be processed. Infrared emitters are co-ordinated accurately with the production step, them warm up large surfaces exactly the same as narrow edges. Flexible designs make an adjustment possible also to complex formed workpieces, and by the possibility, infrared emitters very fast of on or of switching off, energy and costs are saved. Plastic parts are particularly efficiently deburred, welded or riveted within few seconds, because warmth is used temporally limited only accurately in the correct place. Infrared emitters offer the advantage to make warmth purposefully applicable: Warmth is used only where it and it for the process only so long is necessary. Thus energy will become efficiently begun, time saved and last end production costs lowered. Heraeus Noblelight offers the entire pallet of the infrared radiation of the close infrared NIR up to to centralwavy carbon the technology CIR, accomplishes attempts with the materials and advises with the selection of the optimal emitters for the respective process.

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Heraeus Noblelight GmbH with seat in Hanau, with subsidiaries in the USA, Great Britain, France and China, belongs world-wide to the market and technology leaders with the production of special sources of light. Heraeus Noblelight exhibited 2005 an annual turnover of 79 million € and employed world-wide 644 coworkers. The enterprise developed, manufactures and drives infrared out and ultraviolet emitters for applications in industrieller production, environmental protection, medicine and Kosmetik, research and analytic measuring procedures.

The precious metal and technology company Heraeus with seat in Hanau is a world-wide active exempt private company, whose business fields cover the ranges of precious metals, Dentalwerkstoffe, sensors, quartz glass and special sources of light. With a conversion of over 9 billion euro and more as 10,600 coworkers in over 100 societies Heraeus is world-wide since more than 150 years a precious metal and a material specialist recognized world-wide. The high innovation and development potential in the enterprise are purposefully promoted intensively and. By customer orientated product developments and purposeful acquisitions Heraeus develops its prominent position within different industrial ranges.

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