LNG liquid gas tank, Cameron, the USA

With PERI know-how develop in the American Federal State Louis IANA equal three enormous liquid gas tanks at one time. Each of the buildings exhibits 80 m diameters and after completion a Wandhöhe of 44 m. (Photo: PERI GmbH) (openPR) - 80 meters of diameters in the 2-Wochen-Takt climbed - liquid gas tanks with PERI VARIO and CB climbing scaffold

In the American Federal State Louis IANA equivalent three enormous round containers with in each case 77.50 m inside diameters and 43.80 m Wandhöhe are synchronously established. This LNG in such a way specified tank serves the later storage of liquid gas. The wall cross section tapers itself in the lower wall third externallaterally from 90 cm at the foot on 75 cm. Up to the wall crown the reinforced concrete wall runs then with a constant strength of 75 cm reciprocally perpendicularly. Four 1.70 m strong and in each case 4.50 m for a long time, into the ring wall integrated wall screens provide for a vertical reinforcement.

Texanischen engineers of the formwork and stand manufacturer PERI offered a economical climbing formwork solution to the building site with the carrier wall formwork system VARIO GT 24 and the CB climbing scaffold. Compared with a conventional round formwork system a high measure of cost-intensive anchor places can be saved with the VARIO. With a permissible fresh concrete pressure of 45 kN/m ² only two DW 20 sites of anchor are necessary with a concreting height of 4,65 m. For the definition of the anchor positions numerous steel installation elements in the wall screens consideration must find.

PERI supplied the 3.20 m broad and to 4.90 m with high VARIO of panels fixed and pre-mounted on the building site. Special Aufdoppelungen between the GT 24 service girders and the SRU 140 universal plate latch plates causes the accurate Ausrundung of the formwork shell. The actuated connection between the steel latch plates takes place with VARIO flexible couplings.

Together with the type-examined CB formwork and climbing scaffold in only one crane stroke from clock can climbing scaffold system be converted to clock. In each case two VARIO of elements form together with a CB stage a climbing unit. The roller bearings at the CB 240 driving cars ensure for the fact that the formwork elements on the climbing scaffolds can be proceeded for the Ausschalen and cleaning easily and crane-independently up to 75 cm.

With the PERI solution the building site in a the position is to climb the round containers in the two-week clock. For each round container 80 climbing units are in the use: 78 VARIO of interior elements as well as 78 VARIO of external elements on in each case 40 CB stages. Due to the fact that all three buildings are at the same time manufactured, it works the building site with altogether 468 VARIO measure elements, in order to place a completion of carcass in time of the liquid gas fuel depot surely. Already 2008 is to be used the tanks. Two further containers already are in planning.

LNG is the English abbreviation for Liquefied Natural gas, thus liquefied natural gas. The volume of the natural gas can be reduced by the liquefaction to approximately two parts per thousand of the gaseous raw volume. Thus transport and storage are also line-freely, thus feasible without pipeline, economically.

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Building company: Baker Concrete Constr., Houston
Project support: PERI Fort Worth, the USA

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