Legionellen prevention is accomplished in citizen of Berlin real estates

Water is life. (openPR) - in citizen of Berlin real estates with support acqua è vita water forum is accomplished of the registered association and active consult Berlin a Legionellen prevention. The goal is it to analyze and evaluate dangers and risks in the drinking water installation, in order to attain a TÜV examined drinking water prophylaxis. By this measure we create more security for the tenants/guests, in addition, for the owners/operators.

What contains Legionellen prevention

The building services and the drinking water house installation are analyzed and evaluated. But a mobile measuring technique for until two weeks is installed. With this measuring technique the management of the drinking water house installation in the object is seized. The hydraulic alignment and the effectiveness of the accomplished thermal disinfection can be evaluated thus. Optimization possibilities are uncovered and compiled by the evaluation of the results of measurement recommendations for action for the management. On this basis it is now possible to aim at a TÜV certifying. But locally a committing will take place via the TÜV, in order to prepare certifying. Basis for it those form for pre-working active consult Berlin, which documented in a technical report and which TÜV are present. Over security will control to constantly supervise and subject-related examined, to what extent a stationary monitoring (process monitoring) can be installed locally. Thus the quality of drinking water is constantly supervised and signaled deviations. By this proceeding owners and operators ensure the health consumer protection and create security.

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