Liquid wallpaper from Japan - sweaters for the wall

Breathe-active and humidity-adjusting in the bath (openPR) - in Japan they are well-known for over 350 years, in Germany know them hardly still someone - liquid wallpapers or, like it to be also called, cotton finery. They have this name from their material condition, are them nevertheless a mixture from textile fibers (usually cotton, but also jute or flax are possible), effect material and a solvent-free drying adhesive. By the effect material hundreds different Dekore at wall and cover charms leave themselves. There are Dekore in all colors and structures, with or without Glittereffekt, with resplendent silk fibers or also completely dezent and simply in comfortable nature tones. Because only natural materials are used, liquid wallpaper is very pollution free. Beyond that the wallpaper can be processed very easy, all the same whether man or woman, young or old. As nature material the liquid wallpaper loads itself besides not statically up and is therefore to a large extent insensitive to dirt. Those are many reasons to be concerned with the liquid wallpaper once more near.

The characteristics of the wallpaper are coined/shaped very strongly by the cotton. Cotton is a pure natural product - the unrestricted number one under the vegetable fibers. It is very softly, reissfest, durable and strainable. Cotton can almost take up and again deliver half of their dead weight at humidity, thus particularly is humidity-adjusting it. Mixed with other kinds of fiber, e.g. Polyesters or PP, the Strapazierfähigkeit is improved. The wallpaper works thus like a cotton sweater. It fits also that the liquid wallpaper possesses warm and sound-absorbing characteristics. Is not only by the Wollfasern the material diffusion, but is besides highly flexible. Thus small tears are covered reliably. The liquid wallpaper offers itself both with the equipment of new buildings, and with the renovation of old buildings, in addition, with each other kind of the renovation. Rundbögen, columns, Fensterstürze, straight or also curved cover surfaces, etc. can be coated just as problem-free without disturbing seams or beginnings, as a simple wall.

During the processing however some things must be considered. Old wallpapers must be in principle removed with exception of glass fiber wallpapers, equally loose finery. It is to be made certain that the underground is evenly white after the pretreatment and exhibits no marks. Besides the underground must be sufficiently smooth. It is possible to adjust with the liquid wallpaper smaller unevenness. With larger and löchrigen unevenness it is however cheaper these with screeding compound to adjust gypsum. In order to achieve an optimal final result, is the correct priming of the winding or cover surfaces of crucial importance. With old winding and cover surfaces, which are impaired by nicotine, mould, Wasserflecken, Tapetenkleister, rusty nails, alkaline finery, sticking resins by chip boards, etc., must with an isolating reason, cover white, two-way to be primed. This applies also to gypsum cardboard, gypsum fiber, hard fiber, and chip boards whether old or new. With sufficiently white and load-carrying undergrounds like for example aerated concrete, gypsum, mineral, plastic, squirting, roll, rubbing or Kieselputz the unique order of clamping coat is sufficient.

The liquid wallpaper can be laid on both with a smoothing trowel made of plastic, and up to a certain thickness with a special spray gun. Strongly stressed walls like for example children's rooms, kitchen or corridor should be processed in principle with the spoon. Thus develops a somewhat stronger and smoother order, which can be substantially more easily repaired in case of a damage. To be stressed rather little one can also spray covers and walls on those. The structure of the surface becomes however somewhat rougher and the order somewhat thinner thereby. With very large surfaces one can use also both techniques on, first spray and then with the spoon after-smoothes. The drying time of the liquid wallpaper is dependent on the temperature and particularly on the ventilation of the areas, it amounts to approx. 2 - 4 days.

A characteristic of the liquid wallpaper is also their repair ability. If one missed a deep scrape with reconditioning the wallpaper, this can be eliminated without problems again arrearsless. In addition the surface is eingeweicht around the scrape only generously with water. After approximately 15 minutes a soft time can be seen the wallpaper with the spoon again to be smoothed and to nothing is more. Same applies, if a persistent stain emerges, for only in-soft, the mark out-scratched and the place again smoothes. A large advantage, e.g. in stairways and strongly stressed areas. By a switches of the entire surface the wallpaper can by the way be pushed away also completely with that to smoothing putty from the wall. Whom too much work is, which the liquid wallpaper with each conventional winding or emulsion paint can re-paint over. The effects (if in the wall available) are then likewise re-painted over and no longer visibly, but the given essential structure of the decoration remains.

The photos come from www.wema-fluessigtapete.de

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WEMA liquid wallpaper is present and on over 150 fairs and presentations in Germany is demonstrated for 25 years at the German market. WEMA has its success to owe its customers of many years and faithful because stand for customer satisfaction and a material with a very good price performance ratio in the first place. The WEMA team from Buttenheim would like to this way again thank you!

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