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(openPR) - by the new achievement acb, evaluating real estates and properties, we can adapt accordingly further now our power spectrum to the customer's requests. From the experiences in the Facility we offer now „the real estate prophylaxis to management and the evaluation of real estates “. Contain an holistic view of the real estate, in order to protect your lining up investments in the apron and secure the net yield. If you wish more information, call us or use our homepage under: www.acbberlin.de/news/Immobilienprophylaxe.pdf

active consult Berlin
Management consultation + engineering GmbH
Jörg Drachholtz
Dörpfeldstrasse 34, 12489 Berlin
Telephone: +49 30 677 47 77, fax: +49 30 677 52 10
E-Mail: acb@acbBerlin.com

We over us

The economy of your real estate and their technical plants have you in your hand. For over 10 years and analyze we manage the real estates of our clients on the German market. Also your real estate/technical plant can profit in the future from our know-how and our achievements. Let convince itself!

Its Jörg Drachholtz

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